This section hosts historical or technical studies undertaken by specialists.

These researches shed light on very specific subjects or study specific questions raised by the history of beer.

They are communicated under the name and responsibility of their author(s). This responsibility does not apply to the re-use of the contents by third parties.

The fact that beer-studies publishes these documents online does not imply that they are free of rights for copying or use. The internet user is invited to read and respect the intellectual property clauses mentioned for each of them.

In all cases, the use of the documents, the citation of their content, the reuse of the results, figures or pictures in whole or in part, compels the users to cite these documents and their authors as source and reference, according to the rules of usage.

On the Beer-Studies pages offering these studies, the user will find links and a " quotation " box.

01/05/2012  Christian Berger