Download the Dany Griffon's thesis on munkoyo.


 Dany Griffon's thesis on munkoyo, 1985

Another link to download : Dany Griffon, Alternatives technologiques de saccharification enzymatique... 1985.

This thesis is free of copyright. Any use of its content must cite its source and author.

Quote this thesis : Dany Griffon, Contribution à l'Etude des Alternatives Technologiques de Saccharification Enzymatique des Substrats Amylacés Tropicaux. Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine - Université de Nancy, 1985 (262 p.).


In 2010, Quae Editions, created a new collection "80 keys to understanding" and initiated it with an innovative book Toutes les bières moussent-elles written by Jean-Paul Hébert and Dany Griffon. Munkoyo holds a special place in it, in the form of a particular question: Why does Munkoyo appeal to biotechnologists?

Des bières et des hommes, 2013 This publication brings the subject back into fashion and in 2013, Quae Editions will produce the first e-book dedicated to beer ...and Munkoyo. Its title "Des bières et des hommes" (Beers and Humans), its enriched illustrations, videos and hyperlinks offer Internet users a fun and educational walk to help them learn more about the contributions of beer to the history of mankind, its development and scientific research.


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